Power BI templates for Sage 50 Accounts - an introduction

by Hugh Johnson, Posted on 4/11/2018 5:47:12 PM

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Power BI templates for Sage 50 Accounts - an introduction

In this post I introduce a series of Microsoft Power BI template files that I am introducing for anyone wanting to work with Sage 50 Accounts.

Suntico Power BI Templates for Sage 50 Accounts

  1. What are they
  2. Who are they for?
  3. When would you use them?
  4. Where can you get them?
  5. Why would you use them? 

1. What are these Power BI Templates?

A Power BI Template file is a Power BI Desktop model (report and dataset) without any data.  In other words it is a file that contains all of the definitions of a Power BI report and dataset including:

  • Data source definitions
  • Data transformations
  • Table relationships
  • Calculated Columns
  • Measures
  • Visualistions
  • Field Properties

The Suntico Power BI Templates for Sage 50 Accounts are just this, with the data source set as the Suntico BI OData feed for Sage 50 Accounts.  The data feed provides an enriched Sage 50 Accounts data feed that has been optimised to support business intelligence.  This, combined with the pre-built data model and sample measures and visualisations will save you weeks of effort trying to build out your own model.

There will be two kinds of Power BI template file for Sage 50:

  1. A generic template that has all of the basic groundwork done for you.
  2. Themed templates to address particular business reporting needs such as:
    • Accounts Receivable Analysis
    • Accounts Payable Analysis
    • Customer Analysis
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Sales Reporting
    • Budgeting

2. Who are these Power BI Templates for?

I am building these templates with two types of Analyst in mind:

  • Anyone wanting to use Power BI Desktop to produce internal reports from Sage 50 Accounts data
  • Accountants, consultants and Sage business partners who want to be able to support multiple clients with Power BI-based reporting solutions

3. When would you use them?

You would use these templates when you want to build your own custom Power BI Desktop model(s) for Sage 50 Accounts data.  Because these template files are designed to work with the Suntico BI OData feed, it means that:

  • You will save a lot of time just getting your Sage 50 Accounts data into Power BI and in a form that is ready to be used.
  • You can publish your reports to the web on Power BI Pro and thereafter create your won dashboards and automate your data refresh.

4. Where can you get them?

You will be able to download these Power BI templates from the Suntico BI website.  Subscribe to this blog to find out when different templates are available.

5. Why would you use them?

  • To save time!  Lots of it!  Building out Sage 50 reports in Power BI is quick and easy if you have a clear understanding of the data, the tool, and if the foundations are already built.  These templates will provide the foundations.  This blog will give you the necessary understanding of the data and where to go to learn about the tool.
  • To automate your reporting via the Power BI service and the Suntico BI OData feed for Sage 50.

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