BICustomers - Sage 50 Accounts Customer Records

by Hugh Johnson, Posted on 4/17/2018 2:55:00 PM

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BICustomers - Sage 50 Accounts Customer Records

Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for Power BI

This article describes the BICustomers table that forms part of the Suntico Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for Microsoft Power BI.  Use this table to add any customer reference information to your reports.  

BICustomers table

CustomerIDTextPrimary key for the BICustomers table
Account_RefTextAccount reference field from Sage 50
NameTextCustomer name
Analysis1TextSage 50 customer custom field
Analysis2TextSage 50 customer custom field
Analysis3TextSage 50 customer custom field
DeptNumberTextCustomer default department number
AccountStatusTextCustomer Account Status
DeptNameTextCustomer default department name
PaymentDueDaysWhole NumberDefault due days for a customer sales invoice
CurrencyIDTextLink to the BICurrencies table
AccountOnHoldTrue/FalseCustomer account is on hold
LastPayDateDate/TimeLast date payment was received from customer
FirstInvoiceDate/TimeDate of first customer invoice
AveragePayDaysDecimal NumberAverage time (days) it takes to pay an invoice
LastInvDateDate/TimeDate of last customer invoice
BalanceDecimal NumberCustomer balance
InactiveFlagTrue/FalseCustomer flagged as inactive in Sage
Address1TextRegistered customer address line 1
Address2TextRegistered customer address line 2
Address3TextRegistered customer address line 3
Address4TextRegistered customer address line 4
Address5TextRegistered customer address line 5
CreditLimitDecimal NumberCustomer credit limit
CountryCodeTextLink to the BICountries table - 2-alpha code

BICustomers relationships

The BICustomers table in the OData feed has relationships with a number of other tables as shown below.

To try our this OData feed for your Sage 50 Accounts data, why not create your own Suntico BI trial account?



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