BIPurchaseOrderLines - Sage 50 Accounts Purchase Order Lines table

by Hugh Johnson, Posted on 4/19/2018 1:51:23 PM

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BIPurchaseOrderLines - Sage 50 Accounts Purchase Order Lines table

Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for Power BI

This article describes the BIPurchaseOrderLines table in the Suntico Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for tools like Microsoft Power BI.   This table is derived from the underlying Sage 50 Accounts POP_ITEM ODBC table. 

This table is essential if you want to analyse your Sage 50 Purchase Orders at the product line item level.

BIPurchaseOrderLines table

PurchaseOrderItemIDTextUnique internal ID for the record
PurchaseOrderIDTextUnique ID to link to BIPurchaseOrders table
NetAmountDecimal NumberNet purchase amount for this line item.  This is the [UnitPrice] * [QtyOrder]
QtyAllocatedDecimal NumberQuantity placed on order with the supplier but not yet delivered for this line item.  Note that if the Purchase Order has not yet been placed with the Supplier then the QtyAllocated will be zero.  Also if the goods have been received in full against the Purchase Order then the QtyAllocated will also be zero.
QtyDeliveredDecimal NumberQuantity delivered against this line
QtyDespatchDecimal NumberQuantity to form next despatch from the supplier against this line item.  This will typically be the same as QtyAllocated
QtyOrderDecimal NumberTotal quantity in the PO for this line
UnitPriceDecimal NumberUnit cost price on the PO
StockIDWhole NumberLink to the BIStocks table

BIPurchaseOrderLines relationships

The BISalesOrderLines table in the OData feed is related to the BIStocks (Products) table via the [StockID] and the BIPurchaseOrders table via the [PurchaseOrderID]. 

To try our this OData feed for your Sage 50 Accounts data, why not create your own Suntico BI trial account?



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