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BINominalBudgets - Sage 50 Accounts Nominal Budgets

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Hugh Johnson @4/19/2018 3:44:22 PM

BINominalBudgets - Sage 50 Accounts Nominal Budgets

Details about the BINominalBudgets table in the Suntico BI data feed for Power BI. Use this table to track your performance against budget for each nominal code. Why not try it now?

Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for Power BI

This article describes the BINominalBudgets table in the Suntico Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for tools like Microsoft Power BI.  This table provides a list of all of the nominal budgets for each of the nominal accounts and for each accounting period 1 thru 12.  Note that these periods refer to the months of the currently open financial year in Sage 50 and may not necessarily be the same as the periods of the current financial year if the company (for example it the previous year has not yet been closed off in Sage 50 Accounts).

This table is essential if you want to compare actual vs budgeted performance by nominal code.  This table does not hold the breakdown on nominal code budgets by department.

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