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Track your outstanding receivables with Power BI

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Hugh Johnson @8/20/2018 1:52:21 AM

Track your outstanding receivables with Power BI

Your outstanding receivables can be tracked by looking at the overdue ratio and and the outstanding amound as a multiple of average daily sales (Days Sales Outstanding). Understand how you can track these important KPIs with Power BI and your Sage 50 data. Try the demo. Use free for 30 days.

A number speaks for itself. Like, you get a basic scenario of your performance by just looking at the number. Hence, in our Accounts Receivable solution we have added a multi-row card with few important numbers. This card has an aggregate of the outstanding amount, overdue amount, the percentage of overdue to outstanding and days sales outstanding. A detailed analysis is good when you want to plan and evaluate your cash flow needs but it is good to know the numbers as you will get understanding of your receivables performance by just taking a glimpse at these figures.

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