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Sage 50 Accounts as one of your Power BI data sources

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Hugh Johnson @4/17/2018 10:59:08 AM

Sage 50 Accounts as one of your Power BI data sources

How to set up your Sage 50 Accounts system as one of your Power BI data sources. Use Suntico BI to set up an OData feed of your Sage 50 Accounts data. Use it to deliver powerful, automated Sage 50 reports in Power BI. Try it now.

Add Sage 50 Accounts to your list of Power BI data sources

The Suntico BI OData feed turns your Sage 50 Accounts system into an online business intelligence data source for tools like Microsoft Power BI.  It delivers the following data tables:

  1. BICategories - definining your nominal code categories for each chart of accounts
  2. BICharts - your charts of accounts listing
  3. BICountries - your Sage 50 Accounts countries table enriched 
  4. BICurrencies - your customer currencies
  5. BICustomers - records of your Sage 50 Accounts customers
  6. BIDepartments - your Sage 50 department list
  7. BIMetaData - data about your Sage 50 dataset
  8. BINominalBudgets - your nominal code budgets for the current financial year
  9. BINominalRecords - your nominal account records
  10. BIPeriods - deinitions of your financial year
  11. BIProductSales - sales details from your customer invoices
  12. BIPurchaseOrderLines - purchase order line items
  13. BIPurchaseOrders - your Sage 50 supplier purchase orders
  14. BISalesOrderLines - Sales Order line items
  15. BISalesOrders - your Sage 50 customer sales orders
  16. BIStocks - your products and services
  17. BISupplierCurrencies - your supplier currencies
  18. BISuppliers - your supplier records
  19. BITransSplits - your full transaction audit trail

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